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Prooferr helps victims of online hate, stalking, blackmailing, fraud, etc. with digital preservation of evidence.

Our service allows you to take screenshots of websites and create a time-stamped PDF that can be submitted to authorities as digital evidence.

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How the Extension Works

If there is a business need, we can also fully automate the process of securing net evidence. We are just getting started.

Cases of Use

For Lawyers
  • Protection against unwanted behavior on the Internet
  • Bad advertising on the internet
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Evidence of criminally relevant behavior
  • Threats in personal messages
  • Representation of victims in divorce
For Businesses
  • Anti-Competitive behavior by competitors
  • Securing illegal statements on the Internet
  • Documenting Google reviews
  • Behavior of employees on social media relevant to employment law
  • Evidence for the publication of certain content such as terms and conditions or data protection information
For governmental
  • Proof that public authorities have duly published content on the internet
  • Preservation of evidence of attacks on legal entities on the internet
  • Preventing cyberattacks through emails

Need to secure evidence?

Save net evidence for free

We are developing a technical solution that will help you secure web evidence.

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About Us

We created Prooferr to help secure evidence from the net.

Support for this project is funded in part by the European Union with Manchester Metropolitan University and Lancaster University playing the key roles in the Cyber Foundry project.

Our Address
  • 61 Mosley Street
  • International House
  • Manchester
  • M2 3HZ
  • United Kingdom