We help secure digital evidence

Our browser extension allows users to take screenshots of websites and create time-stamped documents that can be presented as evidence in EU and UK courts.

Our solution is super easy to use and the generated documents can be checked for authenticity and any manipulation detected.

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How the browser extension works

Need to secure evidence?

What our customers get from us

Time-stamped evidence reports

Highest security standard

Usable in court

* Our service works for most private and public websites.

Use cases

For Lawyers
  • Protection against unwanted behaviour on the Internet
  • Bad advertising on the internet
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Evidence of criminally relevant behaviour
  • Threats in personal messages
  • Representation of victims in divorce
For Businesses
  • Monitor anticompetitive behaviour
  • Secure illegal statements on the Internet
  • Document Google reviews
  • Behaviour of employees on social media relevant to employment law
  • Evidence for publication of certain content such as terms and conditions or data protection information
For governmental
  • Prove that public authorities have duly published content on the internet
  • Preserve evidence of attacks on legal entities on the internet
  • Prevent cyber attacks through emails

About Us


Making preservation of evidence easy for everyone


Helping people and companies realize their full potential


Taking care of community, customers and us


Delivering value, no bullshit

Where are we based?

We are based in Manchester. Our full address is

Prooferr Ltd
International House
61 Mosley Street
M2 3HZ

Do we belong to a university?

No. We are a private company, but we work with universities and other organizations to develop and improve our service.

What differentiates us from competitors?

We strive to provide our service to a global audience at a high level and value simplicity.

How do I get a demo?

Send us an email with a demo request. We will get back to you with some scheduling options for a live demo.

How to contact?

The best way to reach us is by email. Our email address is