Secure digital evidence to combat fraud

Create timestamped evidence that can be verified and legally recognized.

Need to secure evidence?

What you get

Timestamp documents

Webpages, documents, videos, designs or content

Legally accepted

Within the UK and EU legal framework eIDAS

Highest standard

Documents with high evidentiary value for courts


Making preservation of evidence easy for everyone


Empowering people to feel safe online


Taking care of communities, businesses and us


Delivering value, no bullshit

Prooferr was developed as part of Cyber Foundry program and now we are developing the best evidence company in the world.

Imran Ali Chaudhry

Developed as part of Cyber Foundry program

When to use Prooferr?

Proof copyright

  • Ideas before sharing them with others
  • Content before publishing online
  • Solutions that you develop in a team

Defend IP

  • Prove online IP abuse e.g. your brand
  • Timestamp unpublished inventions
  • Prove of an NDA and its abuse


  • Secure property details as proof
  • Social media and employment law
  • Timestamp proof of an event


  • Bad advertising on the internet
  • Criminally relevant behaviour on the Internet
  • Representing victims in divorce

Law enforcement

  • Fight online hate and fraud
  • Collect and preserve evidentiary information
  • Preserve evidence of attacks on legal entities
Where are we based?

We are based in Manchester, UK.

Do we belong to a university?

No. We are a private company, but we work with universities and other organizations to develop and improve our service.

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